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Need some last-minute Halloween costume inspiration? Here you go. 

cosplay at its funniest

It’s funny to dress up as Muslim women and disparage another’s culture? How very classically white.

They’re…… they’re ghosts….

Crowley's sexual preference

  1. Fan: Is Crowley gay?
  2. Mark: I don't think he cares. He just likes making people uncomfortable







He has such interesting eyes


fanfic needs to happen



would be great


I love how they’re all like ‘die’ and meanwhile Jared Padalecki

That last gif reminds me of a sim

but isn’t jared padalecki playing a super massive jerk there? maybe he’s the guy they’ve all been contracted to kill


Veronika Scott was a fashion student at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit when her teacher, Stephen Schock, challenged her class to create a product that filled a need, rather than satisfying or creating a fad. Veronika’s design was a coat for homeless people that could transform into a sleeping bag, since in her city, she says, “you are constantly faced with the homeless epidemic.” 

Not only did her design win a International Design Excellence Award from the Industrial Designers Society of America, it’s become the core of Veronika’s nonprofit organization, The Empowerment Plan, which hires people from homeless shelters and transition homes to help her make the coats. Now, three years later, the 24-year-old social entrepreneur expects that her team of 15 seamstresses will produce over 6,000 coats in 2014 — all of which will be distributed free of charge to people living on the streets. 

Veronika originally designed the coats seeking input from people at a homeless shelter. After receiving feedback from people who used the prototype over a Detroit winter, she refined the design to create her final version which, in addition to being a waterproof and windproof coat and sleeping bag, also transforms into an over-the-shoulder bag with storage in the arm sockets. 

When she started out, Veronika states,

“Everybody told me that my business was going to fail — not because of who I was giving my product to but because of who I was hiring. They said that these homeless women will never make more than a peanut butter and jelly sandwich — you cannot rely on them for anything. And I know my ladies enjoy proving everybody wrong.” 

And, their impact is growing — according to CNN, which recently honored Veronika as one of their 10 Visionary Women of 2014, “The Empowerment Plan expects to launch a ‘buy one, give one’ program that will make it sustainable beyond the donations and sponsorships that keep it running now. Hunters and backpackers who’ve asked to buy the coat will be able to do so, and the Empowerment Plan will still create coats for homeless people who need them.”

Veronika is also excited to show other clothing producers that local manufacturing is possible: “I think we’re going to show a lot of people: you think it’s outdated to do manufacturing in your neighborhood, but I think it’s something that we have to do in the future, where it’s sustainable, where you invest in people, where they’re not interchangeable parts.”

You can read more about Veronika’s organization on CNN, or watch a short video about her work here.

To learn more about The Empowerment Plan or how you can support their work, visit

For a wonderful book about women’s great inventions throughout history, check out “Girls Think of Everything” for readers 8 to 13.

For those in the US who would like to support efforts to end homelessness and help the over 600,000 people who experience homelessness on any given night, visit the National Alliance to End Homelessness at or to find a local homeless shelter to support in your area, visit


Driver picks the music. Shotgun shuts his cake hole.

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And the angel answering said unto him, I am Gabriel, that stand in the presence of God; and am sent to speak unto thee, and to shew thee these glad tidings.

Finally finished painting this thing ;;

deanily replied to your post “deanily replied to your post “deanily answered to your post “hey guys,…”

I was totally thinking about this yesterday okay so what if Sam went to prom when he was 17/18 but his prom date ended up leaving Sam to go mess with Dean, who would be out of high school already… so she would have left sammy for the older brother

yess i was thinking that was more plausible too actually because sam is pretty upset about it, and i can imagine that would only be the case if it was his own senior prom night ruined, that being a big event and all. so yeah maybe dean was crashing the prom with friends (dean w having normal friends is a weird thought) or something, or sam’s date heard he was outside and left like you said. either way, poor sammeh 

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